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It is often said that you can tell someone’s age by looking at the neck. The neck is often neglected when compared to the face, which is often given more importance.

Also, the neck is more prone for aging as there is

The aging skin is unable to bounce back to its original position when it is folded resulting in permanent neck lines.

Importantly, longterm sun exposure with lack of sunblock usage also significantly accelerates skin aging over the neck.

Now that we understand the causes and aggravating factors of neck lines, we can take preventive measures.

Depending on accompanying signs like:

A combination of aesthetic treatments may be required to achieve good outcome.

Dermal fillers

As part of the soft tissue filler therapy, this would improve the neck skin’s appearance.


PDRN exerts anti-inflammatory and collagen synthesis effect. When injected under the skin, it aids with wound healing and decreases neck line formation.


Hifu utilizes ultrasound technology to treat wrinkles, lines and saggy skin. 


Radiesse are able to plump up the skin and promote collagen promotion to help improve neck lines. 

Kindly contact us to schedule an appointment consultation with our doctors for the best personalised plan for your neck rejuvenation treatment.


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