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Botox microinjections uses a small amount of diluted Botox, which is injected around the area of enlarged pores with a very fine needle. The treatment works by targeting the oil glands in the skin as well as the erector pili muscles, which are responsible for opening the pores.

By targeting these muscles and glands, your skin will appear tighter, smoother, and less shiny.

Overative Oil Gland Activity

Those with oily skin or acne tend to experience more visible pores. These glands produce sebum and when these oily skin pores become clogged with sebum, the pore wall becomes stretched and appears more visible.


As we age, our skin loses its elasticity, which causes the pores to look bigger.

Sun Damage

Sun damage, which typically accumulates with age also affects the appearance of pores. It makes our skin thicken, causing skin cells to collect around the edges of our pores, which stretches them out.


In general, males tend to have larger pores than females. Women however, may experience enlarged pores during hormonal changes, particularly during menstruation.


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